CAPT 116: General Emergency Services

CAPT 116 Part 1 covers general emergency services operational mission procedures. It is based largely on the following resources:

  • General Emergency Services Slides (slides 1-26 only; the remaining slides are for the Incident Command System)    (Free Powerpoint Viewer)
  • CAPR 60-3 (CAP Emergency Services Training and Operational Missions)
  • CAPR 173-3 (Payment for CAP Support)
  • CAPR 900-5 (CAP Insurance/Benefits Program)
  • Once you've worked through all of the above materials, you can take the CAPT 116, Pt. 1 Exam. 

    CCAPT 117: Emergency Services Continuing Education

    CAPT 117 Parts 1-3 are requirements for various qualifications as outlined below. It is recommended you take all three parts.  Each test is available (with study materials visible after the test is chosen) from this page.  (Scroll down to the "Emergency Services" section of the page.)

    Part 1 is required for all ground crew, including ground team members, ground team leaders, urban direction finding team members and critical incident stress team qualified.
    Part 2 is required for all aircrew, including mission pilots, transport mission pilots, mission scanners, mission observers, flight line marshallers and flight line supervisors.
    Part 3 is required for all mission base staff, including mission radio operators, mission staff assistants, branch directors, section chiefs and incident commanders.

    Introductory Communications User Training (ICUT)

    ICUT is an introductory course in communications using the specific models of radios that the Civil Air Patrol utilizes for regular operations and Emergency Services.  The whole course is based on a series of video training clips that teach all the elements of operation of the radios, radio etiquette and reviews special terminology such as phonetic alphabet and military-style number terms.  

    After you have completed the ICUT training, you will have 180 days (six months) to have your skills evaluated by an ICUT Skills Evaluator.  There are several qualified ICUT Skill Evaluators at VA-108, so you should be able to easily schedule a skills evaluation during another scheduled event, like a parking event or flight operation.  

    For those who have previously completed ACUT training and have credit for it reflected in eServices, the first module of ICUT (OP1) is the only one that is required to complete the ICUT requirements.  

    To begin your ICUT training, please sign in to eServices and visit this page: ICUT Online Training. 

    When you have completed your training, please notify the Squadron Testing Officer of your desire to undergo a ICUT Skills Evaluation. 

     Checklist for Ground Team Member - Level 3 (GTM3) Required Courses

    Below you will find a list of all the required courses which must be complete as part of Ground Team Member 3 training.  Please complete each requirement and upload the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and First Aid certificates into eServices.  GTM can be completed at Ground Search and Rescue (GSAR) College or at the unit, but the courses listed below must be fulfilled for either method. 

    General ES/CAPT116: See General Emergency Services Page 

    Once you have completed CAPT116, you need to request Squadron Commander permission to train.

      Enter the current date in the SQTR and the commander will get a notice to approve.

    CAPT117 Part 1: See General Emergency Services Page

    FEMA IS100: 

    FEMA IS700:

    First Aid: See First Aid Certification page.

    ICUT: See ICUT Certification page. 

    Upload FEMA and First Aid certificates to eServices, under Emergency Services.  (Choose "View/Upload Documents" at the top of the page.)

    You may find the Ground Team Member & Leader Reference Text a help in preparing for your skills evaluations. 

    Ground Team Member 3 Qualifications

    Once you have completed the above requirements, you have completed the separate courses required for Ground Team Member training.  The Ground Team-specific training and tasks can be viewed on the GTM3 SQTR worksheet. You can also view this form by logging in to eServices and choosing "My Operations Qualifications" on the left side menu.  Once there, choose "GTM3 - Ground Team Member - Level 3" from the drop-down menu. 

    Once qualified for GTM3 you can begin training for GTM2.  After GTM2 is complete you can train for GTM1.  If you go to GSAR College, all three levels are taught together.