The background disc of Air Force blue represents the sky, which is where Air Force operations primarily occur, and where Civil Air Patrol’s loyalty lies.


The insignia, which is taken from the Millville Airport emblem, depicts the life and training at the Millville Army Air Field. The insignia shows a P-47 fuselage at the front of which there is the head of a mosquito (well known insect in Millville), whose nose is a caliber .50 machine gun. Arms and legs protrude from the fuselage, the former bearing a bomb in one hand and a rocket in the other. The plane is striped black and Air Force yellow, representing night and day respectively.


Behind the Millville Airport insignia is Civil Air Patrol’s three-bladed propeller representing our three important missions (cadet programs, aerospace education, and emergency services) and how they work together to create success. The three-bladed propeller is placed behind the Millville insignia to demonstrate unity between Civil Air Patrol and Millville Airport’s history.


The unit motto is “Always Training to Overcome”. As Civil Air Patrol members we are constantly training ourselves for the greater good of our nation, no matter what obstacle is placed in our way. This motto demonstrates the continual hard work and dedication of our members.